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I have to keep reading! Вход на сайт Ваше имя или email Ваш пароль Войти! Роман был задуман как отдельная книга, в которой разрешаются все основные вопросы, поставленные сюжетом. I don't remember highlightofyournight wrote: "I have a question; I am close to reading the Awakening, but why do so many people keep mentioning Tori? Since, Tori, Chloe, Derek, and Simon's powers began to involve steadily in the book. Рекомендуется использовать: , , , ,. Двое парней и две девчонки. I don't remember her amongst Chloe, Rae, Derek and Simon? I did enjoy the book, I'm just mad that I didn't love it to death, but we can love them all that way right? Please help by removing references to unreliable , where they are used inappropriately. Роман был задуман как отдельная книга, в которой разрешаются все основные вопросы, поставленные сюжетом. Not only that, but Chloe inadvertently raises the dead and Derek's werewolf side poses problems.

Our main girl Chloe is also a major letdown here, by now she realizes she can raise the deads at will, but what had she ever done with her power? The action, humor, and horror were consistent. Then more stuff happens and it's a little cray. Now, Chloe and Rae are recaptured by the Edison Group, a shady organization that has genetically altered them to try and make use of the powers that many of them were born with. Getting there is far from simple though, with the Edison Group on the hunt for them and Chloe's dad putting her picture and a reward in the paper. I think my favorite bit of the book was the whole part with Derek and Chloe alone. She is struggling to understand how strong she is, and is no where near the point where she can control her powers. Семнадцатилетняя Лейла выросла в семье Стражей — могущественной расы горгулий, охотников за демонами. Chloe and Tori a witch lead the Edison Group to a factory where they were supposed to meet Derek and Simon.

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Book II in the Darkest Powers trilogy takes us even farther into a world where the supernatural intrudes on the everyday life with riveting effect, and has a clear DO NOT ENTER sign that you will try to ignore. That night, they encounter two other wolves, Liam and Ramon, who are man-eaters, wanted by the New York Pack. That's eff'ed up to say the least. I loved this book even more than the first. Перед вами — четверо героев. But no, you have Simon that is simply his brother's shadow and Derek who's either brooding all the time or losing his temper. Last and maybe least, the guys, Simon and Derek.

Aside from Derek's experience, we finally get to see Tori change from her nasty mean girl act, Simon become even more endearing, and Chloe learn more about her powers and herself. I think my favorite bit of the book was the whole part with Derek and Chloe alone. The second part in the "Darkest Powers Trilogy" is basically a road movie. I liked the sequel just as much as I liked the first. Мечта сбылась, мне открылся новый мир абсолютной свободы и вечной жизни.

Не уверена в себе. Книга мне нравится, но хотелось бы наблюдать за любовью героев. They get off the bus and find some woods near a service station, where Derek prepares for his change. Серия: Женщины иного мира, книга 5. I was in classes trying to scrape together a few minutes to read a page or two. This book was captivating, full of suspense and mystery, and a little more humorous than its prequel, what with all the banter between Chloe, Derek and Tori. I have to keep reading! I love his protective streak and his take-charge attitude.

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